Thursday, October 23, 2014



Explain why this would be a good strategy to use and give an example.

So if my number was 456-_=256  I will use reversibility

I will do 256 plus _ = 456 then I will do add 56 and which will make 300 the I will add 56 more which make 356 and then I will add 56 more which make 400 and then I will add 56 more which will make 456. and the answer is 224

Blood Story

Blood Story
One day, when I went to Camp with my brother, I  was really nervous because I didn't know what to do. I got a lot scared day after day. Then a day came when I was super nervous because It was night and I wasn't sleepy.  I got so scared then I went to my brothers tent. I could hear the wind whispering to the trees and then I woke my brother up and then my brothers  tent was shaking. I had a shock look on my face. I thought it was a ghost but it was actually the wind. When I went outside, I slipped off the rock and hit my head on the the sharp rock. That night my brother called my mum and dad so they could take us home.

That night when dad and mum came to take us home I was really sleepy and then I went to home with my mum and dad and my brother when we arrived at home I was really sleepy and then I asked my brother what happened. Then he told me that I slipped of the rock and hit my head on the ground. Then I fainted and then we took you home.


Thursday, August 28, 2014


Beginning: 20/8/14
far…  I learnt my Line off by heart And It really stands out Some of my line I Enjoy a lot because I mostly like when I get to talk in microphone for lot of time.Our role in the production is about 20:minutes and our narko nue love it is and the new song out yet. The person who sang it Is…stan walker. When we do the last part all of the row get down grab a sign which say Aotearoa but the front row doesn't move. Because they have to sing the national anthem.

For the speaking park all of us has to dress up so the fishes are going to dress in fish cloth. and the narrator are going to dress in the cloth they want to wear but it has to be black. When the narrator are going to speak they are going to speak in the microphone because we tell which really happens and the maui the main part character he is has to use a microphone. because he tells where he goes and what he does.               

I like how I,m a narrator because I mostly talk in the microphone for a minute. I like when we get to sing the best and the new song out yet. We have two song the first one is poe ie and the song that I was talking about . It,s… Aotearoa. When we finished the song Aotearoa we sing a little national anthem. I don't like the part when we have to wait for the speaking kids who don’t show up at the right time.

My expression is all good and my personality is all right but I think that I should work more my personality. My

Friday, August 01, 2014

My aunt

My aunty
Blah, blah, blah... she keeps on talking.  How can she talk that much on the phone?   Who could she be talking to?  “Knock ,knock who’s there boo hoo!”
Sorry, don’t cry, Hahaha, I laughed out loud!! Man your funny! Sleep time but it’s only 7:30 bed Now! Rats I said to myself I should of stayed at my mums place.  Now I have to listen to the snore! Oh man, today is the saddest day

You will never know but she will do next.  She gets tea and yell out get up.       Your never know how she will speak to you, rudely sometimes  and she will not even be guilty about it. For the last time, can you not talk on the phone? I need to get in contact with one of my  friends. You will never know what she will do next. She will get a phone and keep on talking.

Where’s my tea she cries out loud! Oh, it’s coming.  “Hurry up!” she yelled out. I said I coming here  I said now get some of my cookies. No I said I’ll give you $5 dollars It’s coming I said as a greedy boy here now give me my $5 dollars. Sorry I've only got $2.  That Will work I said.

The thing that I like about my aunt is she bakes all kind of stuff for me like pizza pasta newdles and rice. The thing I really eat all day long is cake the flavor I love is chocolate and ice cream one.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Soocer SkIls

Soccer Skill
Wow!! it,s Monday today my brother going to teach me some of the best soccer skill. The best thing is to practice at your house and it really works out if you keep on practice. I like to play soccer because you can run. Around  I did my  practice on Monday and I had a week to practice my soccer skill.

The first time when I started my soccer practices it was really hard and  you had to put a lot of hard work. Next time when I did my second practice I really got the hang of it and it and it, was really fun and my brother taught me a trick which I thought was really hard.

Soccer is a best sport or winter next time when I play soccer I want to learn more skill so I can be good at it the fun thing about soccer is when you get the ball and you score a try. My bit that I loved was buying a soccer ball that was hard to pick which one you wanted to buy.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The voldemort death forest

The voldemort's Death Forest nightmarephoto.JPG

My idea of this story is that voldemort having a bad nightmare and that he going to die in his own forest. and Never can fill fol is dream his dream is that he never want’s to tell his secret. what kind of people will read this

Firstly, the book is about a man called voldemort. He was living his life peace follie until he saw his own forest getting burnt with his own eyes. When he woke up  everything was destroyed.

Secondly,  my title explain every part of my book and all so tell what is it going to be about. My book title all so jump out at you and it tell what suitable`age is it for.

I think that the age to read this book is 8 or over.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Firstly We have one star in the solar system the sun the earth get more energy because of the heat from the sun. No living thing can survive without the sun
can you tell me why venus is hotter than mercury

We have 9 plant’s in our solar system and it is mercury venus earth mars Jupiter saturn  uranus neptune and pluto. pluto is a dwarf plant because the scientist thought that pluto is so mijit to be called a planet.

Did you know that venus is called a morning star and a evening star. Did you know that saturn is surrounded by it’s own  rings.

Did you know that mars has the only tallest and the biggest mountain in whole solar system.

Did you know that astronauts train in the water tank and in water it’s the same cause in water there is no gravity nethere there is in space.

do you know that after the big bang there some left over asteroid and they mostly hit Jupiter or saturn and uranus.

Why is Mercury hotter than Venus because venus has lots atmosphere than mercury the heat from the sun hit Mercury and hit back to Venus.